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But for the more than 20, dual military couples (where both spouses are in What if you and your spouse are in different branches of the service? and you should review it at least once a year to make sure it's up to date.

Please let me know in the comments below if this is something that interested you.

  • How to Wirelessly Connect Your DSLR to Your iPad | Improve Photography!
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  • How to Wirelessly Connect Your DSLR to Your iPad.

If you come up with something cool we would all love to see it. Please post your work on FstoppersForum. Rob Galbraith has some extremely detailed articles about transferring images to the iPad.

How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad By Lee Morris

If you would like to learn more before you buy, I would highly suggest checking out this article about Shutter Snitch and this article about choosing the right router. Now that I can tether my camera to my iPad, I love my iPad. We also love our Twitter followers.

We have decided to give a 16gb iPad away to a random Twitter follower on December 15th. All you have to do is follow us and at some point tweet at least 1 thing about "Fstoppers" or link to a post on our site. Hell, you can even tweet about this contest if you want. On the 15th we will randomly choose one of you as the lucky winner. Don't worry, we will be doing a big world wide contest again very soon.

You can jailbreak the iPad But with the new Eye-fi Cards you actually don't have to jailbreak anymore. New video explaining it coming soon: But one constructive criticism: Have you guys looked into that? But, i don't believe raw is built into shuttersnitch yet. Ya the audio quality is killing me in this video.

How to Connect Camera to iPad to Transfer Photos: zekypixolole.tk

I used my iPhone to record audio which usually sounds great, but I used some old earbuds as the mic and they suuuucked they went through the wash a few months back. This will not happen again. Cool idea, I can see where this could really keep hyper clients out of the way with a dedicated client interface. Did you use a cf card adapter?

If so can you link to the one you use? I use one, but I had to modify it and remove some metal so it got a better signal but it's still not that great. I don't think you need to jailbreak at all. The Pro X2 works with ad-hoc networks, and iOS supports ad-hoc networks as well. Just go into the Settings, Wi-Fi, Other. From there you should be able to create an ad-hoc network without having to jailbreak nor to buy My Wi.

I'm not sure about this, but if anyone is interested they should try. For me, they are not worth it. I've been doing exactly this for a few months, love it! Jailbreaking your iPad really isn't hard or scary, and the MyWi app purchase will also allow you to put it on your iPhone for tethering without having to buy it twice.

External Monitor for your DSLR – USB cable

Eye-Fi really needs to make a CF card though. You can't use the adapter in a D or D3s, and many Canon models like 5DII have corruption issues when using an adapter. Tablet running recent Android App -- https: The goal was to bring an iPad home so it could be used with all our other devices. The 'droid just wouldn't work with anything all Apple ecosystem here. I don't want to have to learn another OS. Have you found a solution yet?

I'm excited for this Manfrotto device. A little pricey but seems worth it. It's on my xmas list! Hosting and bandwidth provided by MacAce. Can you connect a camera to the iPad to transfer photos?

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  • External Monitor for your DSLR – Wi-Fi.
  • How to Tether Your Camera to Your iPad – Tether Tools!

How do you connect a camera to transfer photos? Does it have an SD card slot?


Does the iPad work with the iPod Camera Connector? No iPad has an internal SD card slot, which seems unlikely to change. Also, as first confirmed by iLounge , the earlier iPod Camera Connector is not compatible with any of the iPad models, even those with a pin Dock Connector port.